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 Subject: Mission Impossible

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Ghost Lo

PostSubject: Subject: Mission Impossible   Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:22 pm

On the o9/o9/05 I was browsing the web. Founding a link to Travian – board I decided to click on it ending up here 13/10/2009 on this form. Why do I tell you this? Never in my live I have any like in a strategy game. In fact I hate it. Got a son 16 years old now, from the day he walk he play games with me DOOM was his first then Warcraft come out (still he was in Doeke) and love it. Father and son split - his love for strategies and me first shooter. Well to put it in short “I implore/plead let me continue playing this game”
Who am I
Born in SUID WES AFRIKA - bear in mind I was born in Afrikaans. You see you Engels guys (Please don’t take it as offence) Britten sent you here to paradise to live a life style one can only dream off. Africa with its wild life! Coming from a farm to South Africa to stay here in Limpopo and work as an orderly worker for a very big company.

In Game
Well you guys I am a newbie, green as it can be. Sitting 22 hours in front of my pc or Cell, yes this was the time I was up in front of the game last 24 hours. Yee the truth is if you guys goanna except me you guys will have a big task on your shoulders helping me, guide me but I promise you I will learn fast.

This is a grade person – He was the one who kill my pet(Rat) – raiding me like hell and today I confess to Letsop I was wrong to swear ,hell to you. You were the one who bring me up to here where I’m now. I never met a great person like you.

Hijenin brlog
Man that was insane of you. **** solder sending to raid me. Man I nearly stand my ground and fight you - man that what I will call mash Murder. Well my friend you didn’t get anything but you still win big. I was nearly building my first Setlaar and had to spend all my products. Big Big Thx.

To all you guys I am a aggressive player will never back down – will stand my ground and give all to my friends even if its cost my game.

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Subject: Mission Impossible
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